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Our History

The union of pharmacy and thermalism gave rise to Blue Silk

Balneario Baño de Molgas

Its beginnings

The appearance of the town of Baños de Molgas is closely linked to its thermal waters. In Roman times, healing thermal waters were discovered in this municipality, gaining great prestige among the people of that era, who named the place Balneos Mollicas (gentle and soothing baths).

Today, these thermal waters can be enjoyed at the family-owned Baños de Molgas Spa Hotel (Ourense), which has been open since 1873 and served as the inspiration for the creation of our natural products.

All our products incorporate water from this thermal spring in their composition. This allows you to enjoy its beneficial properties for the skin while carrying out your daily hydration and skincare routine.

These thermal waters are radioactive, hyperthermal, bicarbonate-sodium, calcium, silicate, and oligometallic; emanating at a temperature of 49°C. Thanks to these properties, both the waters and the creams are ideal for all skin types, including sensitive and delicate skin..

Aguas Termales Balneario Molgas

Our goal is to take care of your skin with pure, effective, and safe cosmetics. That's why we carefully select the raw materials used in the creation of our creams, as they determine the final quality of the product.

Due to the origin of our ingredients, all our products are vegetarian and cruelty-free, with Cosmos, Ecocert, and NPA certifications to ensure that their origin is ethical and that they have been sustainably sourced.


Our products are respectful of the skin's microbiome, which refers to the microorganisms that constitute one of the protective barriers of the skin. There is a complex ecosystem where many microorganisms coexist and influence the functioning and balance of the skin.

It is important to preserve this system to have healthy skin by using products that do not harm them.