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Thermal water from the spring of the Baños de Molgas Spa

Thermal water from the spring of the Baños de Molgas Spa

The water from the spa has been widely recognized by both the medical scientific community and the thousands of visitors who have undergone thermal treatments at our spa with very positive results.

The mineral richness of these waters makes them suitable for accelerating healing processes of the skin, improving psoriasis, chronic eczema, acne, seborrhea, scars... They have a protective, emollient, and soothing effect.

The Baños de Molgas Spa offers radioactive, hyperthermal, bicarbonate-sodium, calcium, silicate, and oligometallic waters. They emanate at a temperature of 49 °C.

Thermal Cosmetics

Thermal cosmetics are skincare products made from the mineral-medicinal waters of spas and natural mineral water springs.

Their benefits have proven to be effective for sensitive and delicate skin due to their proven soothing effect.

Productos Blue Silk
Spring Water
The water used in Blue Silk Cosmetics products is extracted directly from the Baños de Molgas Spa spring.
Family Spa
The Baños de Molgas Spa spring was inaugurated in 1873 and has been run by the same family for generations.
Galician Nature
It is located in the municipality of Molgas, in the Galician lands of Ourense.
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Properties and Benefits for the Skin

At Blue Silk, we integrate Thermal Water and innovative and effective ingredients such as plant stem cells, precursors of hyaluronic acid and collagen, offering products with sun protection, protection against blue light from screens, anti-pollution properties, and anti-aging properties, among others.

Our products stand out for their calming and regenerating properties, providing relief to the most delicate skin, such as that of oncology patients, dermatitis, psoriasis, etc.

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